Erchonia FX 635 Laser

Experience How Cold Laser Therapy Can Help You

Laser Therapy
The results of Laser Therapy are clinically and statistically significant. Patients are healing faster from both chronic and acute injuries. Their pain levels are decreasing, and their function and mobility are improving.

What does it do?
1. It accelerates the healing of your cells.
2. It interferes with and blocks inflammation.
3. It promotes new blood vessel growth in areas of scar tissue and fibrosis.
Are all lasers the same?
Absolutely not. Lasers at higher wavelengths create heat and are not in the healing range. For example, the 830 nm wavelength has different properties and creates heat.

Also, lasers with more power do not mean that they are better for human cells. In fact, they can damage our cells quite severely. Our bodies actually do better with low-level power and with the correct wavelength. Erchonia has found the “sweet spot” for both power and wavelength to heal cells. This is one of the main reasons we use Erchonia lasers exclusively.    

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