Wendy-HeadshotPodcast Episode 026 with Wendy Myers from liveto110.com.  Wendy explains why minerals are so critical to life and health, how to test for them and how to correct imbalances/deficiencies.


Highlights from this episode:

Wendy discusses her Mineral Power Program:

An overview of the program

How and why she developed this program

Where does someone start and what can they expect from this program

How is this program different from others out there

Hair mineral analysis

Top 1,2, or 3 simple and easy tips:

  1. Take a multi mineral supplement daily

  2. Take different forms of magnesium daily


Connect with Wendy:


Live to 110 Podcast



Wendy-in-White-JacketWendy’s Bio:

Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC is the founder and head writer of Liveto110.com. She is a functional diagnostic nutritionist and certified holistic health coach in Los Angeles, Ca. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

She is certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing Mineral Power programs for clients to correct their metabolism and body chemistry with customized targeted nutrient therapy. She is currently seeking her masters in clinical nutrition.

Wendy hosts the weekly Live to 110 Video Podcast and the Modern Paleo Cooking show on her Live to 110 Youtube Channel. Look for Wendy’s new book coming soon, The Modern Paleo Survival Guide.

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