What is Low Force Chiropractic Care?

It is quite simple. The instrument you see in the video is the “Adjustor” from Erchonia Medical. It has 4 different attachments and each are for adjusting different parts of the spine. With high velocity (oscillating 16 times per second down to 1 per second) and low force adjustments can be made very easily as you saw in the above video.

Why do we use Low Force Adjusting?

Honestly, some people don’t like traditional adjustments. For others, they respond better to this type of care. There is also a tremendous amount of versatility to using an instrument. A patient can be adjusted lying down, standing and sitting. So there is no position that a patient can get in where it can’t be used.

The Adjustor is wonderful for disc problems, extremity adjustments and even visceral adjustments.

Dr. Jones utilizes what he thinks is the best treatment for each patient individually. The Adjustor is just one of many tools that we use.