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On this episode with Dr. Susanne Bennett she shares her 7 Day Allergy Makeover.

Dr. Bennett covers:

  1. Causes of Allergies

  2. Allergy Triggers

  3. Ways to reduce exposure in the home and office

  4. Dietary concerns with mold and fungus

  5. And so much more

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11 Surprising Facts about Allergies

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7 Day Allergy Makeover Book

Bio for Dr. Bennett:

Dr. Susanne Bennett is an internationally recognized natural and integrative medicine expert with over 26 years of clinical experience in the fields of allergies, clinical nutrition, lifestyle and anti-aging medicine. She is the best selling author of The 7 Day Allergy Makeover– a step-by-step program providing natural solutions to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out.

Dr. Susanne is the CEO and Founder of PURIGENEX, a skin care company dedicated to creating non-invasive products and cutting edge formulations to help prevent aging, rejuvenate and restore optimal skin health. She is also the talk show host of Wellness for Life on RadioMD and iHeart Radio, devoted to sharing the best health strategies to improve your life and start feeling better today, the all-natural way.


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