Mark Rogers 1Podcast Episode 021: Mark Rogers: Simply Human Lifestyle – Keeping Health Simple




Mark RogersMark’s Bio:

Mark is the owner and CEO of Simply Human, LLC, a lifestyle training company that teaches people and families how humans were designed to eat, sleep, move and enjoy (manage stress). He hosts and produces the Simply Human Podcast which has climbed to #16 on the iTunes Fitness and Nutrition chart.


Keep food simple:

  1. avoid processed sugar

  2. avoid foods not found in nature

  3. plant based

  4. tons of flavor


  1. You don’t need to know the science

  2. Have a sleep schedule: same bedtime every night within 30 minute window

  3. Get as much sleep before midnight as possible

  4. Dark cold room

  5. Eliminate blue light at night from TV, tablets, computers, phones, etc. + wear amber glasses to block blue light


  1. walk and play

  2. mobility work

  3. lift heavy things

  4. intervals sprints


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