IMG_0949In Episode 019: Maria Emmerich discusses how balancing brain chemicals with food and supplements can drastically improve our health.

Maria’s Bio:

Maria Emmerich struggled with her weight through high school and college, despite doing exactly what she was supposed to do: eating low-fat and exercising. She decided there had to be a better way, and eventually discovered that a ketogenic diet was able to heal her IBS and acid reflux and improve her health in innumerable ways. Maria runs a thriving nutrition consulting business, and her clients have found that a ketogenic diet also improves problems with high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, and more — weight loss is just a bonus. Maria is the author of eight books and cookbooks on how to eat for better health. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Craig, and their two children, Micah and Kai. Learn more about Maria and her services at

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Maria shares with us:

How balancing brain chemicals can decrease food cravings, help lose weight, etc. Discussion on what the following chemicals do, how these get out of balance and how we can know they are out of balance, and how to correct with food and/or supplements:  Dopamine,  Acetylcholine, GABA, Serotonin

Top 1,2, or 3 simple and easy tips:

  1. Teach our kids to cook

  2. Prep food and snacks ahead of time for active families and kids activities

  3. Use the slow cooker often + much more when you are busier

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Maria’s Books: 

The Ketogenic Cookbook


The Art of Healthy Eating – Savory, Sweets and Kids

Low Carb-ing Among Friends Cookbooks: 100% Gluten-free, Low-carb, Atkins-friendly, Wheat-free, Sugar-Free, Recipes, Diet, Cookbook VOL-1

Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism

The Art of Healthy Eating: Grain Free Low Carb Reinvented: Slow Cooker

The Art of Healthy Eating – Savory: grain free low carb reinvented

The Art of Healthy Eating – Sweets: grain free low carb reinvented

Nutritious and Delicious

The Art of Healthy Eating – Kids: grain free low carb reinvented

Invaluable Resources:

  1. Supplement with vitamin K2

  2. Art and Science of Low Carb Performance

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