Bio Pic small sizeEpisode 012: Luis Congdon:  Healthy Relationships Made Easier

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Luis shares amazing relationship advice on this podcast.  There are too many “nuggets” to list, here is a bit of what you will hear:

How to make communication easy and Helping Couples Break Negative Patterns.

To create a lasting love connection, what are the main barriers couples face?

Why is it so important for couples to reconnect with each other and what are some practical things they can do now?

What mistakes exactly are couples making in communcations and how can they correct it?

Luis gives some examples of common negative patterns and some specifics on what couples can do to break the patterns?

Luis’ top 3 tips for relationship success:

  1. Speak positive words about your relationship and your partner/spouse.
  2. Keep track of and look for the positive qualities that your partner brings and encourage them in that.
  3. Schedule time for your relationship


Luis Congdon is a Relationship Coach. He has worked with hundreds of couples. For a period of 2.5 yeas Luis Congdon worked for one the nation’s largest research projects looking at Marital Success. He also runs a top rated podcast titled, LastingLoveConnection to help couples find and have the love they want. His other work and services can be found at

Resources from Luis:

The Lasting Love Connection Intimacy Game

47 Awesome Date Night Ideas

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