Jessica VaughnEpisode 011:  Jessica Vaughn:  Turning Tragedy into Victory, Know Your Worth


Jessica didn’t allow her past to predict her future.  She shares how she overcame her abuse and how she stays fulfilled now.

Jessica tells us:

  • How to get rid of fear and how to “Know Your Worth”

  • How important is it who we “let speak into our lives” and how can we manage it.

  • Not settling for mediocre

  • and so much more….

Jessica’s top 3 tips:

  1. Know your priorities or goals

  2. Know your friends and family’s love language

  3. Exercise and how it affects so many aspects of our lives not just our fitness

Invaluable resources:

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Boundaries by Henry Cloud


Jessica Vaughn’s passion is to help others, and she inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles and victories. Her brand, #knowyourworth, offers a line of t-shirts, tank-tops, and coffee mugs. Jessica runs a successful online fitness business, and is the owner of Lift and Live in her basement studio. Ms. Vaughn is a 27- year old published author, with a book forthcoming this summer.

Connect with Jessica:


Facebook: Jessica Vaughn

Online Store:  Know Your Worth