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Episode 044: Healthy Families Made Easy in 2016

Episode 043: 7 Habits of Raising Healthy Children part 3

Episode 042: 7 Habits of Raising Healthy Children part 2

Episode 041: 7 Habits of Raising Healthy Children part 1

Episode 040: How to Set and Achieve Goals for Your Family

Episode 039: Defeating Blood Sugar Issues and Diabetes

Episode 038: 3 Easy Ways to Be More Grateful

Episode 037: Dr. Laura Brayton: Wellness for Kids and Pregnant Mommies

Episode 036: 7 Day Allergy Makeover with Dr. Susanne Bennett

Episode 035: Lose Weight, Feel Better, and Cut Inflammation Like Crazy

Episode 034: Strong Posture for Kids and Families with Dr. Jason Jones

Episode 033: Dr. Sara Defrancesco: Have more energy with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Episode 032: Author & Coach Jessica Vaughn: Knowing Your Worth

Episode 031: Dr. Jason Jones: How You Can Transform Any Area of Your Life Easily

Episode 030: Shawn Stevenson: How to Get Your Best Nights Sleep Ever!

Episode 029: Heather Chauvin: Decreasing Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety +Have More Fun

Episode 028: Amber Romaniuk: Overcoming Food Addiction, Emotional & Binge Eating

Episode 027: Trish Blackwell: Increase Your Confidence and Transform Your Life

Episode 026: Wendy Myers: Why minerals are so important for you and your family

Episode 025: Dr. Lauren Noel: Wired & Tired to Massive Energy

Episode 024: Evan Brand: Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power

Episode 023: Dr. Karen Osburn: Mom at 41 Imperfect Parenting, Raw, Transparent

Episode 022: Dr. Lane Freeman: Mercury poisoning, root canals and the latest in oral hygiene

Episode 021: Mark Rogers: Simply Human Lifestyle – Keeping Health Simple

Episode 020: How One Word Can Increase Your Health with Dr. Jason Jones

Episode 019: Maria Emmerich: Better Brain, Better Health + Weight loss

Episode 018:  Devon Bandison: What every father needs to know

Episode 017: Jimmy Moore: 16 Sodas Per Day to Healthy Low Carb Lifestyle

Episode 016: Dr. Debby Hamilton: Healthy Mom, Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

Episode 015: Dr. Jason Jones: Critical Health Advice for You and Your Family

Episode 014: Dr. Jason Jones How to make progress in any area of your life

Episode 013: Ben Greenfield: Health Expert on Raising Healthy Kids

Episode 012: Luis Congdon: Healthy Relationships Made Easier

Episode 011: Jessica Vaughn: Turning Tragedy into Victory, Know Your Worth

Episode 010: Mike Mutzel, MsC: Decreasing Belly fat and Increasing Your Health part 2

Episode 009: Mike Mutzel, MsC: Decreasing Belly fat and Increasing Your Health 

Episode 008: Elizabeth Benton: Stop Dieting, Be Happy & Lost 140 pounds

Episode 007: Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Vaccines, GMO’s, Statin Drugs & Glyphosate

Episode 006: Terry Wahls, MD: Overcoming MS with Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Episode 005: Dr. Amber Brooks: Autism, ADD, MTHFR, Whole Child Wellness

Episode 004: Christopher Kelly: Paleo, Functional Nutrition, Nourish Balance Thrive

Episode 003: Decrease Stress and Increase Your Health

Episode 002: What is Health? Don’t be fooled!

Episode 001: Healthy Families Made Easy Begins!