Can you be Naturally Healthy? – Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle requires you to take advantage of the natural health solutions at your disposal. The modern diet consists of mainly processed foods. It is deficient in essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins. By including more fresh and whole foods into your diet, you will aid your body in protecting yourself from harmful […]

4 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Blood Sugar Issues

I had a great time being interview about “balancing blood sugar” on Iheart Radio’s wildly successful program RadioMD by Dr. Susanne Bennett. You can listen to the discussion here:
Part 1
Part 2
Your blood sugar levels can impact your energy, mental clarity, physical performance, mood, and ability to lose weight.  It’s estimated that by the year 2020, half […]

Lose Weight, Feel Better, and Cut Inflammation Like Crazy with Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City Chiropractor

Chronic Inflammation from the diet is often a hidden contributor to health problems and one that is easily altered by following the below steps.  Some need one or two of these and some may need to do them all…..just depends on the individual!  CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: HOW YOU EAT AND HOW WELL YOU DIGEST YOUR FOOD […]

Podcast Episode 033: Dr. Sara Defrancesco: Have more energy with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

On the Healthy Families Made Easy Podcast (Episode 33) Dr. Sara Defrancesco teaches us how to increase our energy and get healthier with lifestyle choices, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
Dr. Sara shares:

Why so many people have issues with low energy? ….and Why?

What are the common and not so common root causes of low energy

Healthy habits that […]

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Podcast Episode 028: Amber Romaniuk: Overcoming Food Addiction, Emotional & Binge Eating

On Podcast Episode 28 with Holistic Nutritionist Amber Romaniuk discusses helping people with food addiction, emotional eating and binge eating.
On this episode Amber describes:
How do emotional and binge eating develop and what are the signs/symptoms
What does someone need to do to begin to overcome it
How sugar is more addictive than cocaine
Why she created a magazine […]

Podcast Episode 026: Wendy Myers: Why minerals are so important for you and your family

Podcast Episode 026 with Wendy Myers where explains why minerals are so critical to life and health, how to test for them and how to correct imbalances/deficiencies.
Highlights from this episode:  LISTEN HERE
Wendy discusses her Mineral Power Program:
An overview of the program
How and why she developed this program
Where does someone start and what can they expect from this program
How […]

Podcast Episode 024: Evan Brand: Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power

In Episode 024 Evan Brand from tells us how to get more Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power
 Listen by Clicking Here

Podcast Episode 022: Dr. Lane Freeman: Mercury poisoning, root canals and the latest in oral hygiene

Podcast Episode 022: Dr. Lane Freeman: Mercury poisoning, root canals and the latest in oral hygiene
Dentistry and Oral Hygiene isn’t the sexiest health topic around like sleep, exercise, nutrition……I know. But if you will CLICK RIGHT HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE and take a few minutes and listen below to the amazing passion and […]

Christopher Kelly: Paleo, Functional Nutrition, Nourish Balance Thrive

Click here to listen to Chris Kelly inform you on how to implement Paleo principles and much more to increase your health.

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Trans Fats and the FDA Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor Dr Jason Jones

Finally, the FDA is challenging the processed food industry on its long standing position that trans are “generally recognized as safe”  in a recent article I found for you in our Dr’s Resource on our website.   See what you need to know about it by clicking the link below. Click here for full article