How Berries Help Lower The Risk Of Getting Diabetes – Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor

How Berries Help Lower The Risk Of Getting Diabetes
Diabetes has been on the rise lately with many people showing elevated blood sugar level or even prediabetes symptoms. Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure in adults and it is known to increase the risk of getting nerve damage and heart diseases.  Diabetes is a […]

4 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Blood Sugar Issues

I had a great time being interview about “balancing blood sugar” on Iheart Radio’s wildly successful program RadioMD by Dr. Susanne Bennett. You can listen to the discussion here:
Part 1
Part 2
Your blood sugar levels can impact your energy, mental clarity, physical performance, mood, and ability to lose weight.  It’s estimated that by the year 2020, half […]

Is Kombucha good for you?…..Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor Dr. Jason Jones

Is Kombucha good for you?
It depends.  For most people it is a great way to get healthy bacterial cultures (probiotics) into their digestive tracts.  I am not supporting or against the brand in the picture….my wife brought it home from a trip she was on as a gift.  She is so thoughtful and amazing.  We […]

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Podcast Episode 028: Amber Romaniuk: Overcoming Food Addiction, Emotional & Binge Eating

On Podcast Episode 28 with Holistic Nutritionist Amber Romaniuk discusses helping people with food addiction, emotional eating and binge eating.
On this episode Amber describes:
How do emotional and binge eating develop and what are the signs/symptoms
What does someone need to do to begin to overcome it
How sugar is more addictive than cocaine
Why she created a magazine […]

Podcast Episode 026: Wendy Myers: Why minerals are so important for you and your family

Podcast Episode 026 with Wendy Myers where explains why minerals are so critical to life and health, how to test for them and how to correct imbalances/deficiencies.
Highlights from this episode:  LISTEN HERE
Wendy discusses her Mineral Power Program:
An overview of the program
How and why she developed this program
Where does someone start and what can they expect from this program
How […]

Christopher Kelly: Paleo, Functional Nutrition, Nourish Balance Thrive

Click here to listen to Chris Kelly inform you on how to implement Paleo principles and much more to increase your health.

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Defeating Diabetes – 1 in 3 will have diabetes – Dr Jason Jones Elizabeth City Chiropractor

Defeating Diabetes: Preventing and Stopping it in its Tracks Watch this quick video for more information: Why YOU should attend this workshop whether you are diagnosed or not:  1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes if the current trend continues  Diabetes kills more people every year than AIDS and breast cancer combined  128% increase in Diabetes in [...]

Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor Dr Jason B Jones Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Hi, this is Dr. Jason B Jones your Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor and I found this great study  out of Europe  on our website at the Drs Resource that found people who stick to the Mediterranean diet and choose foods with a lower glycemic load may slash their diabetes risk by about 20%. I made this short video [...]