5 Types Of Exercises That Reduce Stress And Anxiety – Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC

5 Types Of Exercises That Reduce Stress And Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are part of our life and how we handle them really matters because they can lead to anxiety disorders which are the most common psychiatric illnesses. When stress and anxiety affect the brain, it depletes your energy or ability to concentrate, and the body […]

How Meditation Helps Deal With Stress – Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC

How Meditation Helps Deal With Stress…..
Meditation refers to mental concentration on something that gives you peace and satisfaction. It is a state of consciousness where the mind is free of various patterns, and scattered thoughts and all activities in mind are reduced to one. Meditation has been proven as an effective technique that contributes […]

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How Stress Has An Impact On Mental And Emotional Health – Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC

How Stress Has An Impact On Mental And Emotional Health
At times we feel that we have too much to handle and this affects one’s mind and the body hence become stressed. The body responds in a lot of ways, which are accompanied by several mental and emotional reactions which lead to health problems.  You need […]

3 Steps to a More Balanced Life – Dr. Jason Jones Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor

3 Steps to a More Balanced Life
Health is not an easy terminology to describe. Most people define it by limiting its definition only to physiological health. However, health is more than just that. Its broadness and subjectivity include concepts like mental health, spiritual and emotional health. The holistic health idea deals with the entire human […]

Podcast Episode 032: Author & Coach Jessica Vaughn: Knowing Your Worth

Episode 032:  Jessica Vaughn:  Knowing Your Worth + How to get a FREE Chapter of her Book “Know Your Worth”
Jessica endured many challenges in her teens and early twenties.  Those challenges shaped and molded who she is today.  Jessica inspires women of all ages to overcome the feelings of not being good enough and to […]

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Never, Never, Never Give Up — Winston Churchill says Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor

“Never, Never, Never Give Up” a famous quote from Winston Churchill.
Watch this quick encouraging video <– Click Here

Podcast Episode 026: Wendy Myers: Why minerals are so important for you and your family

Podcast Episode 026 with Wendy Myers where explains why minerals are so critical to life and health, how to test for them and how to correct imbalances/deficiencies.
Highlights from this episode:  LISTEN HERE
Wendy discusses her Mineral Power Program:
An overview of the program
How and why she developed this program
Where does someone start and what can they expect from this program
How […]

Podcast Episode 024: Evan Brand: Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power

In Episode 024 Evan Brand from notjustpaleo.com tells us how to get more Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power
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Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor Depression reduced naturally

Happy New Year Everyone! Here is a great article from our Drs. Resource directly from our website www.optimumwellnessandrehab.com.  The study compared Prozac to the nutritional supplement 5-HTP.  Depression was significantly reduced in 73.33% of patients taking 5-HTP.  Be sure to click below to read the full article. Click here for full article

Chiropractor Elizabeth City NC Jason B Jones DC Depression decreased study shows

Hi, Dr. Jason Jones your Elizabeth City NC Chiropractor here and I found a great study published in European Neuropsychopharmacology that looked at people over 65 who suffered from a mild to moderate type of chronic depression. This is still for you even if you are under 65.  You will be surprised by the results I made [...]