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Fish Oil Facts from Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City Chiropractor

Let’s face it, unless you have lived under a rock for the last 30 years almost everything in the media has tried to steer you toward a low-fat diet.  Now, there are certain fats that you should avoid at all cost especially trans-fats.  The good news is that there a many good fats out there […]

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Deficits in Fatty Acids effect mental state explains Elizabeth City, NC Chiropractor Dr. Jason Jones

I learned of this many years ago that then you look at the ration of Omega 6 Fats to Omega 3 Fats in the human body keeping this ration close is important.  Some say it should be a 1:1 ratio and others a 1:1.5.  Regarless, it should not get too out of sink.  It has […]

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Stress Reduction Techniques explained by Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City Chirorpactor

From the financial squeeze over the last two years, high unemployment to civil unrest in the Middle East, and let’s face it tax time is coming up people are under more and more stress on a regular basis. Most people are unaware of the very low cost or free techniques they can use to reduce […]

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Alternatives for ADD/ADHD — Elizabeth City Chiropractor Dr. Jason B. Jones explains


Here are just a few things that can be tried for a child or adult with ADHD/ADD.  Granted, nothing replaces a proper evaluation (call our office for this), but you can start here.  



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Happy Valentine’s Day


             Valentine’s Day conjures up a vision and feeling of “LOVE”.  I think of my wife and kids immediately.   Also, we think of chocolate, flowers, etc. all which bring about a certain feeling.  I have to ask you a deep question.  Do you love yourself?  No, not in a “stuck up” kinda way.  But do […]

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Why Should You or Anyone Else Get Regular Adjustments?

Why are Regular Adjustments so Important? 
Well, I am glad you asked.  There are many reasons that getting regular adjustments are extremely beneficial to your overall health…..see below.

1) Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates everything in your body and mind…
2) When your nerve energy flows abundantly without obstruction, your body and […]

Tips on Surviving Cold Season

If you are like the rest of us you will likely contract some kind of sickness this winter.  There are many things we can do.  We can wait for it to happen, miss work or school and suffer for a few days or a week OR we can proactively prevent the sickness altogether.  Now no […]

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Our Most Popular Video Ever

This is a video where we took a completely asymptomatic (no problems at the time) person and performed a treatment.  What we found was very interesting.  Check out the video and see. 

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Does the source of drinking water matter?

The quality of water is extremely important.  The water from the tap not only tastes terrible, but it is also a disaster.  It contains a lot impurities and chemicals that are not good for you.  Most carbon filters (the ones sold in most stores and the ones that you have probably heard of) hold bacteria […]

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How much water should we drink daily?

The quantity and quality of water are of equal importance.  Many experts will say that the amount of water that is needed is 8 glasses per day.  Does a 300-pound man and a 100-pound woman need the same amount of water?  Of course not, the man needs more.  But I thought everyone needed 8 glasses.  […]

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