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Can you feel terrible and BE HEALTHY? —- Dr. Jason Jones Elizabeth City, NC Chiropractor

Isn’t health all about feeling good?  Well, I wish sort of.  The dictionary states that health is “a state of optimal mental, physical and social well being not merely the absence of disease and infirmities”.  In other words, just because you feel good it doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy.  Health is about all parts […]

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Doc, how does someone know when they need an adjustment? — Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC Chiropractor

This is a question that comes up quite often in conversation in one form or another….and it is a very good question.  However, not one that can be answered easily in a few short sentences.  How does someone know when they need an adjustment?  Short answer:  They don’t.  Long answer:  Many judge whether or not […]

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Side effects of Chiropractic care by Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC Chiropractor

Average Drug Label Lists Over Whopping 70 Side Effects
 Using a computer program, scientists analyzed 5,600 drug labels and more than 500,000 labeled effects. They found that the average drug comes with a list of 70 potential reactions, according to researchers.
In fact, the more commonly prescribed drugs averaged around 100 side effects each, with some drugs […]

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Alzheimer’s and dementia – protecting yourself by Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC

Alzheimer’s/Dementia thoughts:
 Unfortunately I watched my mother-in-law deteriorate in front of my eyes and die at the young age of 62 of dementia/Alzheimer’s.  Sadly at that time we did not know what to do at that point.  Interestingly, she was physically in better shape than most however her mental capacity was very minimal.  On top of […]

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“Afraid of Chiropractic Care” according to Dr. Jason B. Jones Elizabeth City, NC

“Dr. Jones you have helped me so much and I tell everyone about you………….but many say they are afraid of going to a Chiropractor.” I have heard this over the years and I almost laugh each time I hear it. Laugh, you say WHY? Good reason. Adverse drug reactions from drugs […]

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Are electrical devices harming us? presented by: Dr. Jason Jones Elizabeth City Chiropractor

Are electronic devices harming us?  I was reminded of this today.  We had an extremely busy day in the office seeing lots of patients.  Isn’t it funny that you get more accomplished the busier you are?   Well, I was doing some testing to check for sensitivity to EMF’s (electo-magnetic frequencies) and there it was time […]

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Gall Bladder Removal and Intestinal Problems? Dr. Jason B. Jones, DC

It seems like more than ever people are having their gall bladders removed.  It is not my intention to agree or disagree with this practice.  I will be stating on this post some facts and observations from clinical practice. 

It has been statistically proven that most people will have some sort of lower instestinal complaints/diagnoses within […]

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Autism – Asperger’s Testimonial with Dr. Jason Jones from Elizabeth City, NC

Here is our latest testimonial video.  Listen to the mom describe her daughter’s successes.  An amazing story and turn around.

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Fibromyalgia Seminar March 21 2011

A Community Workshop on Fibromyalgia
Natural Solutions to a Commonly Misunderstood Condition

 Are you suffering from:

• Fatigue • Continued Aches and Pains • Sleeplessness • Unexplained symptoms • Depression • Weight Gain • Chemical Sensitivities • Dizziness • Nausea • Memory Problems/Brain Fog

  Workshop participants will:

Gain an understanding of the causes of this syndrome
Learn objective tests that can […]

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Nutrition seminar completed explains Dr. Jason Jones Elizabeth City Chiropractor

Well, I just got back from Greensboro yesterday where I have spent the last 6 weeks (Every other Thursday).  The seminar was great.  It was primarily geared around clinical nutrition.  Clinical nutrition is the use of nutrition to support the natural healing and bodily processes.  You see, each part of the body requires certain nutrients […]

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