evan brandIn Episode 024 Evan Brand from notjustpaleo.com tells us how to get more Focus, Concentration and Upgrading Your Brain Power


Highlights from this show:

Cognitive Enhancement: brain focus and brain energy/performance -align ourselves for performance to focus longer and have longer sustainable energy.

Balance Blood Sugar

Improve Digestion:  squeeze and organic lemon into 4 oz. of water and drink before or during a meal

Organic Acids Test – looks at brain chemicals

Prevent Cognitive Decline:

Reduce Stress—stress damages the hippocampus (converts short term to long term memory)

Listen to music/dance

Supplements recommended:

Get tested for accuracy

L-theanine: 100-200mg/day increases GABA which is the chemical that allows your brain to put on the “breaks”

Rhodiola:  Helps adapt to stress – “increases the size of the stress bucket”

Book mentioned:

The Edge Effect: Dr. Braverman

Connect with Evan:


evan brand 1Evan’s Bio:

Evan Brand is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer specializing in whole-foods nutrition, blood sugar regulation, digestive health, cognitive enhancement and stress management.  Evan is a writer, podcaster and nature-loving guy. He is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. He holds a Fitness Training Certification from the Onnit Academy.

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