Karen Osburn babyIn Podcast Episode 023 Dr. Karen Osburn gets real about Imperfect Parenting, Infertility, Adoption, Raw honesty with ourselves and others and how we need to be Transparent and so much more…As a parent you will be encouraged!


karen and kidsDr. Karen’s Bio:

Dr. Karen Osburn has been writing a blog for the last 2 years on her Chiropractic website (she is a practicing Chiropractor for 15 years) and ultimately led her to create the wildly successful Mom at 41 movement.  Mom at 41 is a place where moms can get real, transparent and honest. Many of the blogs have been about my challenges as a Mom, my journey of becoming a mom after 7 years of struggling with infertility, and finally becoming a Mom through Adoption.  She has written almost 200 blogs, and the ones on parenting and being a Mom were, hands down, the ones that spurred the most comments, emails, likes and shares.


Connect with Dr. Karen:

Mom at 41

Mom at 41 Podcast

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