How To Stay Healthy During The Summer

Three months down the line, and you’re still following through with your new year’s resolutions. Eating healthy and exercising has almost become a part of you. Yet, now that summer is coming up, you can’t help but feel a little jittery.

Sure, summer is that time to kick back, relax and have fun. However, summer- fun often comes with a few compromises when it comes to staying healthy. What seems like a small compromise, can often escalate, leading us to damage our health altogether.

This, then begs the question, how can we maintain a healthy lifestyle during the summer? There are a few tips and tricks that can help you during the summer. Let us have a look.

Exercise In The Morning

Exercising in the summer can be difficult, especially due to the heat. Instead of giving up on working out, just wake up earlier. The earlier, the cooler it is.

Also, keep it fun and diverse. Instead of jogging every morning, brisk walk or grab your bike. Enjoy the cool, crisp air, get your heart pumping and activate your brain for the day.

Get An Exercise Buddy

Get yourself a workout partner, who will help you remain accountable. Go out on morning jogs and walks, or evening indoor exercises together. Your partner’s progress will help keep you on track and motivated.

Moreover, your workout partner will help you stick to your healthy diet. Have your partner accompany you to summer where you can both keep each other in check. It is much easier when you’re not the only one eating chicken vegetable salad at a social gathering.

Have A Plan

Summertime is often characterized by cookouts, events, and parties. According to a registered dietitian, Elizabeth Zawila, this can really impact one’s motivation for staying healthy. However, there are ways of working around such instances.

Simply plan ahead. If you’re going to a restaurant, find out if they have any healthy meal options beforehand. If it’s a cookout, then prepare your own healthy meal and carry it with you.

Sleep More

It’s very easy to want to enjoy your summertime by always staying up. However, research shows that sleeping less can impact your weight. In other words, it can lead to weight gain.

If you stay up for late hours, you are likely to feel hungry or experience cravings. This might then lead you to consume calorie or sugar-filled foods. Avoid staying up late. Instead, sleep earlier so that you can wake up early for your morning exercise.

Stock Up On Vegetables and Fruits

According to a registered dietitian at the Centre for Lifestyle Medicine, summer is a great season for tomatoes, berries, zucchinis and so forth. Stock up on such vegetables and add them to your diet.

In fact, berries are loaded with antioxidants that are great for improving health. According to Kathleen Doheny, they help repair damaged tissues, as well as reduce the risk of illnesses such as cancer. Additionally, they are also rich in fiber and can help you lose weight considerably.

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