asparagus6 Ways to Sneak More Green Veggies into Your Diet

There is a need to always include veggies in their diet since those green leafy vegetables are very important to anyone’s diet. These succulent gorgeous leafy greens are normally full of vitamins, fiber, minerals and phytochemicals and are naturally low in both fat and calories. These are just some countless health benefits, and they also help in combating diseases, help in detoxification and in promoting vitality.

Whether you are a veggie lover or not, listed below are some ways in which they may sneakily include these very healthy greens into their daily diet to enjoy the numerous benefits offered by it.

  • Start the Day with Leafy Greens in Your Breakfast

One may opt to eat left overs that were left from dinner the previous night, munch a large salad, drink a green smoothie or ad steamed greens as a side to their breakfast. You may easily add them, to an omelet, baked eggs (baked eggs in a kale basket), put spinach in your baked goods or simply include them in the pancake mix by blending them together.

  • Green Smoothies and Juices

In the event that you are not a huge fan of eating all those green servings, then they may easily be able to drink them. You can just as easily try out various greens such as spinach, kale, cucumber, romaine, mint, lettuce and parsley. There are numerous ingredients to actually try out.

  • Salads

You might just as easily make a salad with foods that they love or combinations that they love, and they will with time start enjoying these leafy green salads within no time. You may then opt to switch up the greens and add some gluten free grain, protein, nuts or even fruit to their salads and still enjoy them.

  • Add them to wraps, burger patties and sandwiches

You may easily make the greens into very small chunks where they will be able to eat them and mix them with other ingredients such as the meat for the patties and the wraps as well. There are a few things that you may easily be able to add in such as green onions and spinach which is actually a very good way to include them in the diet very easily.

  • Toss Them in Soups, Stews and Chilies

Another way is to easily add them in your soups which is actually a very good way to include it in a healthy diet since soups are easy to drink and enjoy. This is actually very easy to include since most people don’t have the time to take out all these ingredients instead want to enjoy the soup and one may easily blend them in order to actually be able to enjoy them and prevent anyone from removing them from the food.

  • Make Preparing and Eating Them Easy

You may also be able to easily wash them, prepare them the day prior which makes it easier for you to actually make a meal when it comes to cooking. You may then easily pick out the ingredients from the fridge and make whatever it is that they need to make with no stress at all.