Unhappy girl in a bedroomHow Toxins Affect Hormonal Function

Toxins are everywhere and they normally play a major role in affecting the normal functioning of the body. This is normally inclusive of even the hormonal functions of the body. This may easily seem like a small thing, but in the real sense it actually brings about a domino effect that will affect the rest of the body as a result.

Hormonal imbalance is where some hormones in the body may end up being too high while some end up being too low. Nevertheless, this could also mean that the ratio or the comparison between the hormones are out of balance. This then could lead to there being some normal body functions that may end up being affected.

An imbalance in hormones may easily be brought up by the toxic substances that are found in various products that are used in the body such as lotions, makeup, artificial ingredients, medication and pollution from the air in which we breathe every single day. When in excess, the toxicity is normally considered to be very dangerous and unhealthy. Hence, the need to actually detoxify as hormones may end up being unbalanced as a result of the various toxins that may be altering the hormonal balance as some end up decreasing the number of hormones or even increasing them as a result of this.

The Liver

The liver is actually one of the most important organs in the body which help in the detoxification of the body and in the regulation of various hormones in the body as well. Hence, the need to always ensure that it stays fully functional at all times.

The liver is known to actually help in the neutralization of various toxic substances which are then released back into the body as less harmful substances. In addition, the liver also helps in the breakdown of fat in the body which is essential due to the production of bile in the body. Hence, one is able to actually lose weight in the process since their liver is properly working at full capacity.

In addition, the liver normally is able to break down bile in the liver which then helps in the prevention of liver stones accumulating in the liver which may then end up blocking a few passages which may then bring about other issues that may have been simply sorted out by detoxification

Can’t The Liver Handle Everything?

As much as it can, at times it normally needs an extra boost that will enable it to actually do the work effectively. The liver does over 3000 functions daily.  It was originally desiged to handle all the waste products the body creates from just “normal operation”, not for the onslaught of chemicals we are all exposed to daily.  There are various amino acids, nutrients, and minerals that need to be present in order for the liver to actually do its function to the fullest of its ability. You may get these nutrients from various sources such as vegetables, grass-fed meat and organic foods in general. Some compounds such as Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a good way to actually help in the moving of excess estrogen through the various detox pathways.