green-juice-769129__340What You Need To Know About Detox Diet Plans

Toxins are introduced into the body through the consumption of products such as cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, and even junk food, among other foodstuffs plus a whole host of environmental toxins. Detoxifying with the aid of a detox diet plan helps the body to remove toxins and get a break from such harmful substances. It also prevents poor general health, fatigue, and even weight gain. A detox diet helps you control and stop the introduction of harmful toxins into the body. Different diet plans cater to different results. Thus, someone who seeks to lose weight cannot use the same plan as someone who aims at weaning himself or herself off alcohol. Detoxing is personalized, however, there are pre-set plans that aid in setting up a structure of the plan. Most of these detoxing plans entail fasting for a short period, followed by subscribing to a fruit and vegetable diet, with lots of water.

What Are The Required Foods In The Diet Plan?

You have the discretion of determining this. However, the following foods could help provide a full detox experience. They include:

  1. Organic drinks and foods since they are free of pesticides
  2. Vegetables and fruits
  3. Supplement the diet with healthy powders such as maca powder
  4. At least two liters of Water on a daily basis
  5. Whole foods that are not processed such as berries, grains, seeds, and nuts among others

Foods to Strike off the Detox Diet

This category is still at the discretion of the consumer. You have the option of striking them out or including them in the routine. They include:

  1. All artificial sweeteners include sucralose and refined sugar. This could include some natural sources of sweeteners such as stevia. Opt for a non-flavored version of the stevia sweetener.
  2. Refined or processed foods
  3. Toxins like caffeine and tobacco, and alcohol

Tips on Maximizing Your Detox Diet Plan Experience

  • Start the day with a smoothie. The smoothie will nourish the body with micronutrients and boost your energy levels for the day.
  • Slowly cut off the toxins from your regular routine. For example, reduce your consumption slowly each day of the above items, and keep reducing the intake as the body adjusts. This will prevent you from relapsing. This will be a tough journey, but it will prove to be beneficial once you inculcate a healthy lifestyle into your routine.
  • Search and stick to the most beneficial diet. The internet is flooded with numerous detox diet plans. Before you select a plan, research through the ingredients to make sure that they are available readily in your locality and that their benefits will help you in the end.

Side Effects of Detox Diet Plans

These diets rarely have adverse effects on the health of the consumers. However, it would be beneficial if you took note of the following possibilities.

  • These diets could be insufficient. Thus, make sure you consult your doctor or nutritionist to make sure that the diet does not cause long-term negative health effects. Additionally, make sure the diet is a short-term plan.
  • The diets could result in some allergic reactions. Be careful about the roots and herbs that are incorporated into the detox plan. Some of them are known to spark some allergies. Thus, practice caution as you try out new ingredients.