beautiful woman fall hormonesNatural Hormone Therapy for Women


For many years, the publicizing of hormone replacement therapy has been so vibrant but has also been as source of various heated discussion as they tend to have various side effects on different people. This has made many women actually opt for natural ways to in help the management their hormones as they tend to be safer and better.


During ladies reproductive years, due to the reduction of estrogen and progesterone, as well as their effects on neurotransmitters, this may easily affect one moods hence leading to mood swings, very painful cramps, bloating among many other symptoms such PMS. In addition, for women who are the premenopausal stage, a decrease in these two hormones may leads to night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, and mood changes. These changes may go on for various years before actually stabilizing to post-menopausal levels.


Many individuals have been able to find that a change in lifestyle has actually helped in the regulation of hormone hence, helping one lead natural and healthy lives. Instead, below are some ways one can easily follow in order to help improve their hormonal imbalance.


Maintain A Healthy Weight

An excess or a reduction in weight is definitely not good if it is in the extreme. Excessive fat tissue may easily act as an endocrine organ hence may lead to the production of more estrogen levels in the body. In addition, less adipose tissue may also lead to low estrogen levels in the body which is not a healthy thing at all as the effects tend to be severe over a certain period. Hence, it is advised to maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid the over production or under production of various hormones in the body.



As much as it may seem to be hard, exercising is actually a very important way to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. You can choose relaxing exercises such as walking, swimming, cardio, avoiding extended running as this may help the body in the short term. Breathing exercises also help as the cells tend to get oxygenated as well as helps in the reduction of the release of stress hormones hence the body id easily able to maintain its hormone production levels naturally.


Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of any hormone regulation routine. During sleep the body naturally tends to remove extreme active toxins, create hormones as well as recharge the mind.

Setting a specific time to sleep and actually keep to it as sleep is just the way the body naturally reboots itself and lack of it makes the body less active and fatigue may lead to a loss of this and may cause a buildup of stress hormones among other hormones hence, causing hormonal imbalance.


Supplement Wisely

In today’s society, food is normally lacking in nutrients as there is a lot of over farming. In addition, the chemicals used tend to affect the nutritional value of food stuffs as it gets lowered and risky at the same time as most of the chemicals tend not to be healthy.

You may easily make up for the lack by adding various supplements to their diet such as Maca, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Omega-3s among many other nutrients.