happy woman hormones beach sunsetA Few Tips to Balance Hormones Naturally


Hormones are part and parcel of everyday life as they tend to actually affect every bit of how one goes about their day. An imbalance in hormones tends to bring up various symptoms such as insomnia, acne break out, foggy thinking, cravings, digestive issues, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, headaches and migraines, hot flashes and night sweats, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, increased likelihood in infections, breast changes among many other effects.


Women have been able to try hormone replacement therapy which at times is very costly and hence not everyone can easily afford it. This has resulted to women looking for more natural ways to actually help manage their hormones.


Listed below are some ways that one can easily incorporate into their schedule to help manage hormonal imbalance.


Swap Carbs for Healthy Fats

Good sources of saturated fat tends t be very essential in one’s body as they are the building blocks for hormones hence, tend to play a very major role in one’s body. They also help in the reduction of inflammation levels, boost metabolism as well as promote weight loss. As compared to refined carbohydrates, they tend to actually cause inflammation and may easily cause hormonal imbalance which is not healthy at all.


One is advised to simply add healthy fats that are also anti-inflammatory to their diet such as coconut oil, avocados, wild-caught salmon and grass-fed butter. Coconut oil tends to have natural anti-bacterial and fat burning effects of one’s body hence very helpful. One is simply advised to stay clear of unsaturated fats and use saturated fats instead.


Use Adaptogen Herbs

These are a unique and specific class of healing plants which aid in the balancing of hormones and protects the body against various diseases including those cause by stress.in addition, they also help in improving one’s immune function and help in fighting stress.


Research has been able to prove that various adaptogens such as medicinal mushrooms, holy basil as well as ashwagandha have been able to improve thyroid function, reduce anxiety and depression, naturally lower cholesterol, reduce brain cell degeneration, stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels as well as support adrenal gland functions.


Address Emotional Imbalances

Internal emotions have been known to actually stir up the production of certain hormones and this may affect one’s health directly. It is advised to try to manage some emotional imbalances, external factors as well as lifestyle choices as they all may lead to hormonal imbalance.


It is advised to try out reflecting, meditation, yoga, exercises just to have time to actually try to balance the emotions as well as reduce the stress levels.one also may easily pick up breathing exercises, spending time outdoors and also exercise as this is a very good way to regulate stress and emotions as well.


In addition, you may also opt to have a massage or go for acupuncture therapies which have been known to reduce stress levels as they help the body relax as well as improve blood flow.

In conclusion, it can be simple to manage hormonal imbalance naturally. It may only take a little (or al lot of) disciple and dedication. This is a very natural way to combat hormonal imbalance however, visiting a doctor prior, is also a good thing since some may have side effects under certain conditions such as during pregnancy.