woman hormone happy3 Tips to Balance Hormones Naturally


When it comes to your health, hormones as well as gut bacteria tend to play a major role than many individuals realize. It has been proven as is known as a fact that these two factors can very much easily destroy one’s health even in cases where everything else is working at its optimum level i.e. diets and supplements.


As a fact, the regulation of both hormones and gut bacteria has been proven to actually boost health and actually some specific hormone reactions have been used to help heal brain trauma.


Hormones tend to be the body‘s messengers as they tend to travel in the bloodstream to tissues and organs and tend to work slowly overtime affecting various processes such as sexual function, reproduction, metabolism, mood among many others.


Listed below are some natural ways you can easily and naturally balance your hormones.


Eating Enough Healthy Fats

Just like a computer what we consume we tend to produce and if it’s not good than bad results are expected. Naturally one’s body was not made to consume man-made fats found in vegetable oils. In today’s society, individuals tend to consume more omega-6 fats which are not the best as compared to omega-3 fats. This then leads to a decreased amount of these fats and hence the body now has to rely on a lower quality of polyunsaturated fats which are less stable and oxidize easily in the body and may lead to inflammation and mutation within one’s body.


It would be advisable to use fats such as coconut oil tends to provide essential building blocks for hormone production and aids in weight loss as well as reduction of inflammation. In addition, it also had antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.   Other sources include olive oil, pastured eggs, grass fed meats, raw dairy, avocados among many others.


Limiting Caffeine

As much has coffee may be a good way for one to start their day, it tends to severely affect the endocrine system specifically if there are other stressful factors such as pregnancy, stress, presence of toxins as well as beneficial fat imbalance.  You can easily substitute the coffee with beneficial herbal teas. In a situation where we are unable to cut down on coffee they can easily make it healthy by adding coconut oil to it then blending  to emulsify it. This makes it healthy as one adds healthy fats to it.


Avoiding chemicals

Various chemicals found in various components may alter and affect one’s hormonal balance such as pesticides, plastics, house hold cleaners among many others. Hormonal birth control oils may also mimic hormones hence, may lead to a reduction of production of certain hormones.


Avoid storing or heating things in plastic containers, eating organic foods and meat when possible, avoiding chemicals such as pesticides or cleaners as well as cooking in non-coated metal pans or metallic pans.


In addition, avoid some beauty products as these are a combination of many chemicals that one easily encounters daily and in the long term tend not to be healthy.


In conclusion, it can be more simple than we think at times to avoid something and actually living a life with a healthy balance of hormones and still maintain a healthy diet.