How To Naturally Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness occur due to overuse of the neck muscles, poor posture while sitting or sleeping or even after an injury.  Neck pain is often treated through examination to determine which prescription drug to use.   However, there are natural pain relief ways for neck pain. These are:

Heat therapy

Applying heat on your neck by use of a hot water bottle or heat pack will help suppress pain signals and muscle spasms and also increase oxygen and nutrient flow to the damaged area. Soaking in a warm pool or whirlpool tub helps alleviate the muscle spasms and pain. Adding Epsom salts or essential oils will help in muscle relaxation.

Use turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that contains a powerful antioxidant called Curcumin which helps reduce free radical damage and protects the cells from oxidation.  It helps in relieving pain by creating an effective inflammatory response in the body, hence inhibiting the COX2 pain enzyme hence reducing any pain.  Turmeric can be used to season food, drink it in tea or even buy turmeric curcumin pills.

Use magnesium

Muscle sprain or strain can cause neck pain, hence increasing your magnesium intake will help in muscle contraction and relaxation hence avoiding pain. Magnesium helps absorption of calcium in the bones, enable cells to replenish themselves hence alleviating neck pain. You can get magnesium in the foods that you get such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and whole grains. You can also get magnesium by soaking in a bath with Epsom salts or even applying magnesium oil after a warm bath.

Use a firm pillow

While sleeping, use a low but firm pillow as it will support the neck in a neutral alignment and not cause any strain or stress on the neck.  It should also not be too high or too firm as it will not allow the neck to relax fully and it should not be too low or soft as it will put a strain on the neck. You may also use a water pillow as it allows you to dictate the firmness of the pillow where more water equals a firm pillow while less water equals a soft pillow.  Don’t use a lot of pillows as they force your neck to bend unnaturally hence causing pain which often happens with stomach sleeping.

Correct your posture

Bad posture is a cause of neck pain, and it also aggravates the pain.  It is important to check your posture as you sit, stand, talking on the phone. Chose a chair that has a headrest to keep the cervical spine in a neutral position. While talking on the phone don’t cradle it on your neck and also don’t crane your neck much when texting or browsing using your phone as this puts a strain on your cervical spine.   “Text neck” is a condition that we see all the time.  Certain Chiropractors are specifically trained in correcting spinal posture.

Massage therapy

Doing massage not only helps in relaxing, but also in diminishing pain perception the body. It helps increase blood flow in the body, hence help nourish and heal the soft tissues and it releases endorphins which act as natural pain killers. Traditional massage techniques such as deep tissue massage or Swedish massage are known to be effective in relieving neck pain.