yoga5 Top Exercises That Help Burn The Stubborn Stomach Fat

The stomach fat is the most stubborn fat that is difficult to do away with when you want to lose weight. Most people struggle to lose the belly fat despite them having a regular exercise regime and proper eating habits.    Fat is burned in two processes, i.e. lipolysis and oxidation where chemicals known as catecholamine attach to the  fat cells and trigger them to release the fatty cells stored within them. The stomach fat contains certain fat cells that are resistant to being burned and mobilized as they contain high amounts of alpha receptors which hinder the lipolysis process. This is why you may lose fat faster in other areas and have trouble loosing stomach fat.

However, no matter your hormones, genes or exercise regime, it is possible to have a lean ripped stomach.  The most common exercises people often do, are the crunches and sit up, but these don’t really help a lot in terms of burning the fat but helps strengthen the core and build abdominal muscles. There are exercises that will help one burn stomach fat much faster and the top 5 exercises are:

1. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training is a way of training where you alternate the low intensity and all out intensity periods. During the high period, you push yourself as hard as you can and you catch your breath during the lower-intensity periods.  The sciences behind doing HIIT is to burn as much fat in as little time as possible i.e. between 20-25minutes. HIIT increases the metabolic rate up to 24 hours,  improves insulin sensitivity, which helps the body to absorb the food eaten rather than store it as fat,  increase the muscle’s ability to burn fat, elevates growth hormone levels which aid in fat loss and spikes the catecholamine levels hence mobilizes fat burning.

2. Weightlifting

Weight lifting is not only for building muscles, but helps burn fat in two ways.  One it increases your basal metabolic rate even after training which results in burning more fat and two it preserves your strength while burning calories hence preserving your muscles.

3. Cardiovascular exercises

Jogging or running is a great high impact cardio exercise of burning belly fat, calories and decrease body fat percentage.  Bicycling is known as a low impact cardio exercise, but it also helps burn belly fat and calories.

4. Walking

Walking is great as it puts all abdominal muscles at work and helps boost your metabolism. Walking for at least  30 minutes helps one achieve the aerobic effects and as you walk, make sure that you swing your arms and contact your midsection as you walk and keep on increasing your pace from time to time.

5. Yoga

This is effective for strengthening the body, especially the abs and back and it improves the posture tremendously.   Doing yoga, especially breathing exercises help one relieves stress by lowering the cortisol hormone which is associated with stomach fat. Alternate between mat- based exercises and Pilates to get maximum fat burning effects.