spartan fire jump 2016Simple Steps to a Better Body and Better health

 Let’s not “waist” time and get right into it.   

  1. Move:  Move as much during the day as you can.  Walking, gardening, standing instead of sitting.  This keeps your metabolism up and also helps to balance out your blood sugar.

  2. Get adequate protein:  How much is enough you ask?  For the average person who isn’t a professional athlete and isn’t working out hard 5-6 days per week with weights here is an easy formula.  Cut your body weight in half and consume that many grams of protein. Example:  if you weight 200 lbs then you consume 100 grams/day.

  3. Water:  No, watering your plants and garden won’t get you in great summer shape.  But……watering YOU regularly will.  How much is enough?  Well is varies but a good rule of thumb is 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day.  Example:  if you weight 200 lbs then you consume 100 ounces/day or roughly 3/4 of a gallon.

  4. Eat healthy fats:  I know, I know, I know.  Fats have been demonized for the most part.  “Fat makes you fat”, all the so called experts say.  Well, bad fats combined with terrible carbohydrate choices (more on that in #5) will make you fat for sure.  Healthy fats don’t make our butts and bellies fat.  They support all of our cells, give us energy and SO MUCH MORE!

  5. Control your carbs:  Everyone one of us has  a carb tolerance.  Ever notice how some people can eat 4 whole pizzas and never gain a pound and others can look at a doughnut and gain 5 pounds?  Yes, not fair is right!  But that is the reality.  We are not all made the same and you have to figure out what your tolerance is.  For me, I do better with very limited carbs until dinner where I will consume most of them.  Some days I don’t consume that many and on hard training days I will consume more.  How you figure it out is to start to cut them down (preferably tracking your grams consumed per day with something like – super easy) and slowly lower them until you notice it effecting your hunger, energy and cravings.

  6. Sleep:  Ever wander why you bust your brains out with exercise and eating right (even the way we describe above) and you just can’t get rid of the spare tire?   Maybe you are not getting enough sleep.  I will not go on and on about sleep.  You can listen to my interview with sleep expert Shawn Stevenson HERE for more.  But you will know you get adequate sleep when you wake us feeling rested.  Basically, sleep until you are no longer tired.