Isn’t health all about feeling good?  Well, I wish sort of.  The dictionary states that health is “a state of optimal mental, physical and social well being not merely the absence of disease and infirmities”.  In other words, just because you feel good it doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy.  Health is about all parts of your body working as close to 100% as possible and in addition a good mental attitude as well. 

So, how does that play out in the real world.  Imagine you go out for dinner and you are brought this beautiful meal but it is undercooked.  You don’t recognize the problem you just go ahead and eat.  Then on your way home you begin to feel naseauous and begin throwing up uncontrollably.  Are you sick or are you healthy?  I would contend that what your are experiencing is a sign of good health.  Your body is expelling the food, therefore maintaining your health.  Another example would be a person who drops dead of a heart attack.  The day prior they went out for a 5 mile run, had a physical and was given a clean bill of health…..are they sick or healthy?  I would contend that they were definitely less than healthy.  Why?  Because when you are healthy (remember body working close to 100%) you cannot have a heart attack.  Did you know that statistically cancer can live in your body for 2-10 years before you have any idea that it is even there……scary, huh?

Long story short….you can feel terrible and be healthy and you can feel great and be sick.