“Dr. Jones you have helped me so much and I tell everyone about you………….but many say they are afraid of going to a Chiropractor.” I have heard this over the years and I almost laugh each time I hear it. Laugh, you say WHY? Good reason. Adverse drug reactions from drugs that are properly prescribed and properly administered cause about 106,000 deaths per year. Did you hear/see/get that last sentence. Drugs that are the right ones (as the doctor sees it) in the right dosage given to the patient cause over 100,000 deaths per year….Almost 10,000 per month….over 2000 per week. Would you like to guess how many people die on a Chiropractor’s table every year? 1, 2, 50? Nope! The answer is ZERO! So why I laugh is because some are scared of one of the safest healthcare procedures known to man, however don’t (at times) think twice of medications that cause 100,000 deaths per year. By the way, the 100,000 deaths per year is not just last year. That number has been consistent since it has been tracked and at the very least since the mid-1990’s.

So what is the take home message? Chiropractic has been around for over 100 years and saves lives each and every day. My mom’s life was saved by a Chiropractor. Her health was being destroyed by her job/career. She was fortunate that someone cared enough for her and referred her to a Chiropractor (of which we didn’t have one in our town……the nearest was 1/2 hour away). She followed that recommendation and her life has never been the same. That friend saved her from a life of pain and suffering and gave her the opportunity to have a better life. Our friends love us and refer us to restaurants, gyms, churches, etc.

In my experience, those that are afraid really don’t know much about Chiropractic. So I will ask you: “What are you afraid of?” Do your own research, read this website, watch our video and decide for yourself.

Health and Wellness are contagious,

Dr. Jones