It seems like more than ever people are having their gall bladders removed.  It is not my intention to agree or disagree with this practice.  I will be stating on this post some facts and observations from clinical practice. 

It has been statistically proven that most people will have some sort of lower instestinal complaints/diagnoses within 2 years of having thier gall bladder removed.  It has become routine for me to ask “Do you still have your gall bladder?” when someone reports an intestinal complaint.  People can develop IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, Crohn’s, etc. after having the gall bladder removed. 

In addition, I ask “what were you told to do/or not do after you had your gall bladder removed?”  I usually get blank stares.  I understand that when people go in for surgery that the follow up instructions can be forgotten, however I have yet to meet one person who was given any information.  First of all, when there is no gall bladder…….you no longer have the essential bile salts for digestion.  Therefore, you need to take bile salts daily to compensate for this.  Bile also coats your digestive tract.  Since much less is being produced and secreted into the intestines I would suggest consuming extra-virgin un-refined coconut oil daily as well. 

Talk to you soon,