DeFrancesco Bio PictureOn the Healthy Families Made Easy Podcast (Episode 33) Dr. Sara Defrancesco teaches us how to increase our energy and get healthier with lifestyle choices, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Dr. Sara shares:

  • Why so many people have issues with low energy? ….and Why?

  • What are the common and not so common root causes of low energy

  • Healthy habits that people can do to have more energy

  • And so much more

Top 1,2, or 3 simple and easy tips for creating a healthier you and a healthier family:

  1. Family meeting night:  plan meals for the week, when eat out, etc.

  2. Making you and your family a priority- put it on the calendar so we can be spontaneous

  3. Find something different to do:  Silly and fun and get out of your element

Invaluable resource for our listeners.

Free Ebook:  7 Day Energy Revival System

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Thriving Force Natural Medicine

Bio for Dr. Sara:

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is the founder and lead physician at Thriving Force Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. As a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist, she’s trained in both the science of modern medicine (in other words, what your average MD is qualified in) as well as the groundbreaking art of advanced natural medicine which emphasizes the importance of resolving illness by treating the root cause. From therapeutic nutrition to musculoskeletal adjustments, botanical medicine and acupuncture, Dr. DeFrancesco employs a refreshingly new (and proven) approach to creating advanced health, making a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the real underpinnings of the issue, and medicine that gets real and lasting results.