Jessica Vaughn

Episode 032:  Jessica Vaughn:  Knowing Your Worth + How to get a FREE Chapter of her Book “Know Your Worth”

Jessica endured many challenges in her teens and early twenties.  Those challenges shaped and molded who she is today.  Jessica inspires women of all ages to overcome the feelings of not being good enough and to know their worth.

In this episode Jessica tells us:

What was her inspiration to write “Know your Worth”?

Her struggles she went through as a teenager and in her twenties and how that shaped who she is today

About her “heart after God” and how   that relates to your journey and knowing your worth

How she went from “Not being/feeling good enough” to knowing her worth

Her one thing she would want the young teenage girl or mom who thinks they are less than  to encourage them to know how valuable they are


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Jessica Vaughn’s passion is to help others, and she inspires and encourages thousands by sharing her own personal struggles and victories. Her brand, #knowyourworth, offers a line of t-shirts, tank-tops, and coffee mugs. Jessica runs a successful online fitness business, and is the owner of Lift and Live in her basement studio. Ms. Vaughn is a 28- year old published author.

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Facebook: Jessica Vaughn

Know Your Worth Book

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